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“This extraordinary book encompasses and embraces the complexities of 20th and 21st Century post-nuclear family realities. Lillibridge generally refers to the real-life characters of this psycho-drama as Girl, Mother, Stepmother, Father, and Brother, which makes the story read like a remarkable post-modern fairy tale. This book is absolutely of its time, adding to and illuminating a Zeitgeist that cannot, and will not, be turned back. The enduring need that ties together this new reality to old is this: How do we find ways to love each other? Real love is not without ambivalence, and that is true here. This is the great strength of Girlish, a compelling memoir for our time. ”
—Sue William Silverman, author of True Confessions, Lovesick, and The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew

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My Most Favored Things

Tue Mar 27 2018

For today’s post, I will take some pictures of my some of my favorite things with another one of my current favorite things, my brand new iPhone 7+. View at thedebutanteball »

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My Queerspawn Story

Tue Mar 20 2018

My first post as a regular contributor to the COLAGE adult queerspawn blog. View at medium »

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Sometimes Time Spent Not Writing is Necessary

Tue Mar 20 2018

For about two years, I couldn’t bring myself to write much of anything besides text messages and Facebook posts. You could say I was journaling, except the receptacle wasn’t a Word file but a cell phone, and most of the words I wrote were lost as I broke cell phone after cell phone—a total of six in my first year as a single mama. View at thedebutanteball »

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How Someone Else's Interview Changed My Life

Sun Mar 18 2018

I read KJ Harrowick’s interview with Alon Shalev a few months ago, and it touched something off in me.  Read more »

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Winterview with Author Lara Lillibridge

Thu Mar 15 2018

To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, Hàlön Chronicles will be conducting one interview a week for 13 weeks. This week's guest is Lara Lillibridge. View at blog »

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Parenting Styles: How 10 (or even 5) Minutes of Yoga Made Me a Better Mother

Wed Mar 14 2018

I’ve been told by many people that I should learn to meditate. I’m quite sure that meditation would release some of the tension in my shoulders and probably relax some of the wrinkles around my eyes, but that sitting still and emptying your mind thing is not one of my strong suits. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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Publishing a Book is Like Riding a Bicycle, and the Crashes are Inevitable

Tue Mar 13 2018

I’ve had several writers tell me some version of, “I could never deal with people rejecting my book, so I’m going to self-publish.” I’m here to tell you that is the wrong decision. View at manhattanbookreview »

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The Offer Call/Email for Girlish

Tue Mar 13 2018

I was sitting on the cabin porch when I got The Call, which in my case, was not actually a call but an email—Thank God, because I hate talking on the phone and the cabin has really bad cell service. View at thedebutanteball »

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8 Ways To Trust Your Intuition Or Inner Wisdom

Mon Mar 12 2018

Getting in touch with our intuition is more than just avoiding dark alleys and creepy people. It is trusting the sum of our experiences to guide us. View at everydaypowerblog »

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My Electronic Co-Worker Has My Back...Usually

Tue Mar 06 2018

My calendar reassures me that I have everything under control. It sends me electronic nudges that make me a better mother, better friend, and better writer. Most of the time. View at thedebutanteball »

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Fri Mar 02 2018

My lesbian moms taught me many positive lessons—but now that it is my turn to parent, in some ways my parenting style is a reaction against the way I was brought up. View at shedoesthecity »

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The Edit Letter and Other Obsessions

Tue Feb 27 2018

I spent months dreading my edit letter. One thing I excel at in particular is imagining the worst possible outcome in any situation, and then obsessing over it at two in the morning. View at thedebutanteball »

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