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I Tossed My Pants, and I Liked It Tue Dec 06 2016
One of my favorite blogs from the only-mama blog years, circa 2013. view at blogher
#humor #only-mama
Boys Are Useful In Unexpected Ways (and I have a water feature) Fri Aug 16 2013
Sometimes kids are handy to have around. I don't mean because they fill your heart with joy or keep you young, or teach you patience. Sometimes they are down right useful. view at only-mama
#Parenting #Only-Mama #RaisingBoys
The Great Latke Incident of 2014 Fri Dec 19 2014
I asked two "real" Jewish friends (not half, like me) if there was some sort of cheat I could use. Like perhaps frozen hash browns or something. They both denied all knowledge of any such half-assed latke making technique. view at only-mama
#Grief #only-mama #parenting #food

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