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Cooking for Quarantine: Instant Oatmeal Cookies

Wed Mar 18 2020

If your grocery shelves are bare, don't worry. I can make a cookie out of anything. Read more »

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World's Simplest Beer Bread

Sun Mar 15 2020

In this time of home confinement and empty stores, I thought I'd share some of my minimalist recipes from MAMA MAMA ONLY MAMA. This week: World's Simplest Beer Bread. (Only 3 ingredients) Read more »

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Mama, Mama, Only Mama made it to the Best New Parenting eBooks!

Fri Nov 08 2019

As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc – BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment. Read more »

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Side Stepping the Dinner Time Struggle: Dealing with a Stubborn Eater

Fri Oct 18 2019

After years of cooking three separate meals at dinnertime, I had the unreasonable idea that I should just cook one meal and that we could all eat like normal families. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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Single Moms and Dating: Exactly What to Know by Samantha Vincenty

Sun Sep 01 2019

I was very excited to contribute my thoughts to this article on Oprah Magazine. View at oprahmag »

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How I Re-Connected with My Kids

Fri Aug 30 2019

Some days I felt as if the only time we spent actually talking to each other was in the car on the way to a game. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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7 Reasons Short Vacations are the Best

Mon Jul 22 2019

Here are seven things I love about mini-travel. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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Parenting Styles: My Biggest Mistake with Family Game Night

Mon Jul 15 2019

I was pretty excited when my eldest was old enough to play Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. I’d been waiting for years and years to reach board game age. Unfortunately, the two-and-a-half-year age gap between my kids meant that my youngest wasn’t ready—not by a long shot. Neither was he interested in leaving us alone to play a board game without his “help.” If you have a toddler, you know just how helpful they can be. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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Soul Sciences Podcast #2

Mon Jun 24 2019

Lara leads this fascinating discussion about how society views single mothers, how she terms her situation as "a family with two houses" as she offers insight on single parenting and how she handles being a woman who is a mother. View at soulsciences »

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PROFILES: A Conversation with Lara Lillibridge by Dana Mich

Thu Jun 20 2019

We all feel like walking disasters some days—married or single. I hope by sharing some of my experiences, I can make someone else feel seen. View at literarymama »

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Listen to Lara Lillibridge discuss Mama, Mama, Only Mama with Charlene Jones

Mon Jun 17 2019

Listen to Lara Lillibridge discuss Mama, Mama, Only Mama with Charlene Jones on the Soul Sciences podcast View at soulsciences2019 »

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Book Review: Mama, Mama, Only Mama: A Single Mom on Parenting, Divorce, Dating, and Cooking, with Heavy Doses of Humor and Advice

Wed Jun 05 2019

It’s funny, real, and while it applies most to single moms and dating it has so much for any mom to relate to. View at smroffey »

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