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Interview: Eileen Cronin for Hippocampus Magazine Fri Dec 11 2020
Interview of Eileen Cronin, author of Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #EileenCronin #Disability #Memoir #Mermaid
Interview: Rebecca Fish Ewan, Author of Doodling for Writers Wed Nov 11 2020
Rebecca Fish Ewan's book taught me that doodling can be more satisfying than I ever imagined. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #RebeccaFishEwan #DoodlingForWriters
A Conversation with Kao Kalia Yang, Author of Somewhere in the Unknown World: A Collective Refugee Memoir Wed Nov 11 2020
Kalia Yang is the author of several works for adults and children, using her voice to give words to those who don’t have written words, or who don’t have the opportunity to have their stories heard. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #KaoKaliaYang
INTERVIEW: Rebecca McClanahan, Author of In The Key of New York City Fri Sep 11 2020
I loved the chance to discuss essays and craft with Rebecca. The use of "and" versus "or" has revolutionized my thinking about life, not just writing. view at hippocampusmagazine
#HippocampusMagazine #Interview #RebeccaMcClanahan
Interview With Steph Auteri, Author of A DIRTY WORD Tue Oct 09 2018
Today (10/9/18) is the release day for Steph Auteri's memoir, A DIRTY WORD: HOW A SEX WRITER RECLAIMED HER SEXUALITY. I interviewed her for Hippocampus Magazine. view at hippocampusmagazine
#TBRTuesdays #AuthorInterview #StephAuteri #HippocampusMagazine #SexPositive

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