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Anthology Released (And I'm In It!) Getting to the Truth: The Craft and Practice of Creative Nonfiction

Tue Sep 28 2021

I'm very excited to have a craft essay in "Getting to the Truth" a how-to write creative nonfiction craft anthology inspired by HippoCamp: A Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers, published by Hippocampus Magazine and Books. My essay is about my favorite topic: The Strange, Excellent Beauty of Hybrid Nonfiction. View at books »

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Words Ignite

Mon May 04 2020

I wrote about pronouns for the Words Matter Competition and tied for 2nd Place. View at creativelightfactory »

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Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate

Tue Feb 04 2020

A response to an email from my son's school. View at brevitymag »

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Writing Prompt: Homage

Mon Jun 03 2019

I was going through old residency notes from my MFA and found this poem I wrote, and I actually don't write poems, but I like it. Read more »

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Watching boys start fires.

Mon Aug 13 2018

Essay published in Whiskey Island Magazine Vol. 70 Read more »

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Lara Lillibridge’s Thoughts on Perfect Summer Days

Thu Jun 21 2018

Summer—the most wonderful time of the year, in spite of Christmas carols stating otherwise. View at thedebutanteball »

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The Art of Deception

Tue Jan 16 2018

There is an art to deception. The way my mouth moves when I mislead someone feels like acting, not lying. I hear my voice as if it is someone else’s—aware of my cadence, my inflection, the way my listeners willingly follow. View at thesunlightpress »

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Dragonflies: A Discourse on Anxiety

Sat Aug 12 2017

I wonder if a dragonfly caught in a glass jar would make that same buzz I feel in my chest. Four churning wings, operating in two free-wheeling pairs, battering against the mason jar might sound the same as I feel. And I am frozen on top of the covers, agitating at an inaudible frequency. ​ View at lazuliliterarygroup »

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An Atheist Talks to Her Children About Death

Sun Jul 09 2017

Once I had kids of my own, I struggled with what to teach them about God. View at crabfatmagazine »

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Ernest Hemingway Backstage at his Granddaughter’s First Dance Recital

Sat May 13 2017

This was a writing prompt that made me happy. Sometimes it's important to remember that writing is supposed to be fun. Read more »

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Underwear Regrets

Tue May 02 2017

This is one of the first flash essays I ever wrote. I still like it. Read more »

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Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder

Mon Mar 27 2017

“Essay Notes on Attachment Disorder” makes its deft way in the world as draft and fragment, beautiful in its brokenness, and yet seems to suggest the entire life, the only life, for now. View at americanliteraryreview »

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