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Tiaras Are Wasted on the Young Wed Feb 06 2019
I don’t want to be a bride. I just want to wear a tiara. view at only-mama
#OnlyMama #Tiaras #Mothering #Aging
Mothering and Fear Fri Sep 28 2018
We know there likely will be at least one moment of physical danger that they may or may not evade. A shove. A punch. A horde of children intent on inflicting pain. I hope my boys learn the snappy comeback, find an alternative exit.  read this article
#FreeWriteFriday #fear #Violence #Mothering
Breaking the Taboo: Writing When Your Kids Are Old Enough to Read Wed Jan 23 2019
“The internet goes dark when children reach ten or twelve,” my workshop leader explained. That's almost exactly the ages my kids are now. view at movingforewords
#MovingForewords #Craft #WritingasaMother #mothering

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