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Between the Sepals

Sun Nov 29 2015

my pink petals darkened brown I thought for the sin of my unwashed hands. Barbie doll romantic reenactments always terminated in taboo Georgia O’Keefe finger painting. View at visceraluterus »

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Notes on Binary Gender

Tue Nov 17 2015

1. “Binary describes a numbering scheme in which there are only two possible values for each digit: 0 and 1. The term also refers to any digital encoding/decoding system in which there are exactly two possible states.” View at weirderary »

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The Flying Confessional

Tue Nov 03 2015

I fly a lot. Not, perhaps, as much as a flight attendant or member of congress, but probably more than a lot of people. I will take any opportunity to jump on a plane, and I don't even particularly care where I am going. It's not that I have any deep-seeded wanderlust; I really don't care all that much about seeing foreign countries or having multi-cultural experiences. I just love to fly. View at airplanereading »

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A Justifiable Unjustified Fear of Spiders

Tue Sep 15 2015

“Covert incest refers to a form of emotional abuse in which the relationship between a parent and a child is inappropriately sexualized without actual sexual contact.” (Wikipedia)*  * Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source for scholarly articles.  Read more »

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Being Raised by Lesbians

Thu Nov 14 2013

The story everyone wants to hear isn’t the story I want to tell. Everyone wants to know what it was like to be raised by lesbians, how we functioned, what made it different. I want to talk about other things, the things that formed me and shaped me and scarred me. Not my mother’s sexuality. View at brainchildmag »

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How My Father's Serial Divorce Affected Me

Mon Oct 28 2013

I never expected how my father’s serial divorce would affect me over time. View at goodmenproject »

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What a Boy’s Love of Baseball Taught His Sports-Averse Mother

Mon Sep 30 2013

I’m glad he has passion about something, but baseball? Of all the interesting things in the world, must he pick the one thing I don’t like? As I inundated both boys with art and music and science, I believed that I could shape my kids to be more like me than their sports-enthusiast father. Apparently, I was wrong about that. View at goodmenproject »

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I Used to Believe, Now I Know

Tue Sep 17 2013

I used to believe that my mother was complicit in everything that went wrong in my life. View at thefeministwire »

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Are You Prettier Than Your Mother?

Thu Sep 12 2013

I looked over my shoulder as I was getting in the shower and saw my naked back. I paused for a moment to really look and see what aging is doing to me. The mirror reflected back a younger version of my mother’s bottom. View at brainchildmag »

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