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My Slightly Awkward Introduction on The Debutante Ball Tue Sep 05 2017
I am participating on a weekly group blog of debut authors this year. This is my first post. view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #introduction
Creative, or Just Odd? Tue Oct 10 2017
My mother always told me that I was creative, by which I think she meant peculiar. view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #creativity
What personality is that exactly? Tue Oct 17 2017
My personality can best be summed up as, “Please don’t make me go anywhere! How come we never go out?” view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #personality #AnimalMashUp #TacoDog
Balance? What is This Balance Thing You Speak Of? Tue Sep 19 2017
Balance. Such a buzzy word these days. I think we are all looking for a magic recipe to make everything snap into place and grant us inner peace. I have no such recipe. view at thedebutanteball
#Balance #DebutanteBall
Agents, Schmagents Tue Sep 26 2017
I don't have much to say about literary agents so instead I write about a bat. view at thedebutanteball
#Agents #DebutanteBall #Bats

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