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Author Interview With Blank and Dinner Mon Jul 31 2017
An interview of Lara by Blank and Dinner, a YouTube channel that discusses current affairs including politics, LGBT and celebrity issues over dinner, because that's where the best conversations happen. view at facebook
#interview #BlankAndDinner
Interview with MyDomaine: Here's How Talking to Kids About Gender Is Simpler Than It Sounds Tue Dec 05 2017
To find out how we as parents and educators (and even just as adults) can work toward a future of liberation and respect in both small and big ways every day, we reached out to Lara Lillibridge, the author of upcoming memoir Girlish. view at mydomaine
#Interview #MyDomaine
My Interview with Laurie Jean Cannady, Author of CRAVE Sat Nov 11 2017
I got to interview one of my writing heroes, Laurie Jean Cannady. view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #Interview #Crave
Winterview with Author Lara Lillibridge Thu Mar 15 2018
To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, Hàlön Chronicles will be conducting one interview a week for 13 weeks. This week's guest is Lara Lillibridge. view at blog
#HalonChronicles #Interview #BlogTour
Girlish – Growing Up in a Lesbian Home | Interview with Lara Lillibridge Mon May 14 2018
The Empty Closet had a chance to chat with Lillibridge before her April release. (Author's Note: I never said house maid. I said house mate but it was over the phone.) view at gayalliance
#EmptyCloset #Interview #Girlish

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