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Critique Partners and Beta Readers—Some Stranger Than Others Wed Jan 17 2018
I have had several kinds of critique partners on Girlish. I didn’t have a writing group that met once a week and read each other’s works in progress, but I did have several key people, all located in different parts of the country, who read my work and helped me whip it into shape. view at thedebutanteball
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The Offer Call/Email for Girlish Tue Mar 13 2018
I was sitting on the cabin porch when I got The Call, which in my case, was not actually a call but an email—Thank God, because I hate talking on the phone and the cabin has really bad cell service. view at thedebutanteball
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Sometimes Time Spent Not Writing is Necessary Tue Mar 20 2018
For about two years, I couldn’t bring myself to write much of anything besides text messages and Facebook posts. You could say I was journaling, except the receptacle wasn’t a Word file but a cell phone, and most of the words I wrote were lost as I broke cell phone after cell phone—a total of six in my first year as a single mama. view at thedebutanteball
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It's My Release Day! Tue Apr 03 2018
That’s why I wrote the book. Not for my parents, not for good reviews or sales, but for another daughter with a lesbian mother who’s never seen anything close to her family on the page before. view at thedebutanteball
#DebBall #WritingLife #ReleaseDay
My Various Entry Points into THE ONES WE CHOOSE Tue May 08 2018
A good story allows the reader to enter it from multiple vantage points. THE ONES WE CHOOSE is not just a good story, but an amazing story that will linger long after you put it down. It is truly one of my favorite books of the year, maybe because I engaged with the book on multiple levels. view at thedebutanteball
#DebBall #WritingLife #ReleaseDay #TheOnesWeChoose
Technology I Can't Live Without —Boy, am I Privileged Tue May 22 2018
I could really live without most all technology if I had to—except for my laptop. view at thedebutanteball
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How to Write Useful Book Reviews Wed May 16 2018
It turns out, ignoring a book is one of the worst things you can do for it—so what do you do if you don’t love a book but don’t want to punish the writer with your silence? view at thedebutanteball
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The Writer Lara Lillibridge is Currently Fangirling Over Tue May 29 2018
Writers are my movie stars. view at thedebutanteball
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What Lara Lillibridge Got Out Of Being on the Debutante Ball Tue Jun 05 2018
I feel like women writers have this super power—the support of other women writers. Applications for Deb Class of 2019 are now open! view at thedebutanteball
#DebBall #WritingLife #Recruitment
Navigating Failure is Easier Than Navigating Success Tue Jun 12 2018
It was better not to get my hopes up, not to be the stand-out nail waiting for the hammer. view at thedebutanteball
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