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Why We Need Darkness in YA Literature Thu Jul 05 2018
I buy books for my sons. I read reviews and get recommendations and thrust books into their hands and walk away. I don’t generally pre-read the books before I give them to the boys. When I do read them, I'm often surprised. read this article
#YA #Parenting #Darkness
TBR Tuesday Review: Dragon Pearl by Noon Ha Lee Tue Jan 29 2019
This YA/MG book is diverse and inclusive. Women and men are equally represented in positions of authority (guards, ship captains) and it has nonbinary characters! Strongly influenced by Korean folklore, this story is both old and new at once. read this article
#TBRTuesdays #BookReview #DragonPearl #YA-MG #GenderQueer #OwnVoices #Korean
TBR Tuesday: Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by Nathan Burgoine Tue Dec 11 2018
Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by Nathan Burgoine is a fun queer rom-com sci-fi novel set in present time Canada.  From Cole, our bullet journal loving protagonist, his ace BFF Alec, and Malik, the hottest guy in school, you will find someone to relate to or fall in love with in this brand-new YA novel. read this article
#TBRTuesdays #BookReview #ExitPlans #QueerLit #LGBTQIA #SciFi #YA

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