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In Which I Write Badly About my Introduction to Poetry  Mon Nov 07 2016
Eventually I learned that I loved poetry, but only after insulting a bunch of people. read this article
The Thesaurus Might Make Me Someone to Yearn For Wed Dec 28 2016
Let the words be enough. view at thedrunkenllama
#Poetry #DrunkenLlama
Between the Sepals Sun Nov 29 2015
my pink petals darkened brown I thought for the sin of my unwashed hands. Barbie doll romantic reenactments always terminated in taboo Georgia O’Keefe finger painting. view at visceraluterus
#poetry #sexuality
Legacy of the Last World by Susan Roney-O’Brien Sat Oct 15 2016
Roney-O’Brien’s Eve transcends religious tradition as the reader inhabits Eve’s mind and body, her nature revealed in the small details. view at momeggreview
#BookReview #poetry
The Generous Spirit of Andrea Fekete Wed Nov 16 2016
I don’t have sports heroes, and I don’t know the names of the current Hollywood A-Listers. My heroes are writers. Artists. People who try to find the most honest truth, and hold it in their hand for everyone else to see. read this article
#writing #friends #WVWCMFA #poetry

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