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Book Review: QueerSpawn in Love by Kellen Anne Kaiser Sun Jul 02 2017
Even though we are both queerspawn, Kaiser’s family makes my parents look like amateurs. view at huffingtonpost
#Queerspawn #BookReview
The Art of Deception Tue Jan 16 2018
There is an art to deception. The way my mouth moves when I mislead someone feels like acting, not lying. I hear my voice as if it is someone else’s—aware of my cadence, my inflection, the way my listeners willingly follow. view at thesunlightpress
#Queerspawn #Essay #SunlightPress
They Tell Me I’m a Queerspawn Thu May 18 2017
Queerspawn are children of GLBTQ parents, and the word has been around for a least a decade. Apparently I have a tribe. view at huffingtonpost
#QueerParenting #QueerSpawn #Yabbit #HuffPost
Book Review: Dad #1, Dad #2: A Queerspawn View From the Closet Mon Jun 19 2017
Book review of a memoir about growing up with two dads and a mom in Boise, Idaho. read this article
#GayParenting #Queerspawn #BookReviews

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