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Book Review: QueerSpawn in Love by Kellen Anne Kaiser Sun Jul 02 2017
Even though we are both queerspawn, Kaiser’s family makes my parents look like amateurs. view at huffingtonpost
#Queerspawn #BookReview
The Art of Deception Tue Jan 16 2018
There is an art to deception. The way my mouth moves when I mislead someone feels like acting, not lying. I hear my voice as if it is someone else’s—aware of my cadence, my inflection, the way my listeners willingly follow. view at thesunlightpress
#Queerspawn #Essay #SunlightPress
On Microagressions: Did You Ever Think You Were a Lesbian Like Your Mom? Sun Apr 08 2018
Starting in high school, I’ve been asked variations on this question my whole life — mostly by men. I do understand people’s natural curiosity, but there are so many problems with this question that I have to write a whole post about it. view at medium
#QueerSpawn #LesbianLikeYourMother #LGBTQIA #QueerParenting
They Tell Me I’m a Queerspawn Thu May 18 2017
Queerspawn are children of GLBTQ parents, and the word has been around for a least a decade. Apparently I have a tribe. view at huffingtonpost
#QueerParenting #QueerSpawn #Yabbit #HuffPost
Book Review: Dad #1, Dad #2: A Queerspawn View From the Closet Mon Jun 19 2017
Book review of a memoir about growing up with two dads and a mom in Boise, Idaho. read this article
#GayParenting #Queerspawn #BookReviews
Growing Up with Lesbian Parents Mon Feb 26 2018
Everyone always wants to know what it was like to grow up with lesbian parents. On the one hand, it probably wasn’t much different than growing up with heterosexual parents. view at mommyinlosangeles
#Girlish #QueerSpawn #MommyInLA
My Queerspawn Story Tue Mar 20 2018
My first post as a regular contributor to the COLAGE adult queerspawn blog. view at medium
#COLAGE #Queerspawn
MS. MAGAZINE: Representation Matters—Even When It’s Not of Happy Families Wed Aug 22 2018
Sometimes, the thing society most objects to about your family isn’t what’s “wrong” with it. view at msmagazine
#MsMagazine #QueerSpawn #Representation #LGBTQIA #Girlish
THE GUARDIAN: I was taunted for having two mums in the 1980s Sun Jul 22 2018
It was a dangerous time, but my lesbian parents paved the way view at theguardian
#QueerParenting #LesbianMothers #QueerSpawn #Guardian
TBR Tuesday Review: Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life By Beverly Brenna Tue Feb 19 2019
This fun, illustrated middle grade novel features a hamster, a girl, and a family on the rocks. Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life was written in consultation with OutSaskatoon, an organization that supports LGBTQ2S+ people of all ages. read this article
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