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Mama, Mama, Only Mamais hilarious, achingly real, and one of those books that will end up being passed around the carpool line. You'll crack up, you'll relate, you'll wish you could hang out at Lara Lillibridge's house on Saturday afternoons. ”
—Lisa Daily, bestselling author of Single-Minded

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TBR Tuesday Review: Accidentally Gay by Lucky and Wolsey Bradley

Tue Jul 02 2019

This is one of the most heart-warming shared memoirs I’ve read. If you are in need of a heavy dose of hope, skip this review and just buy this book now.  Read more »

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Pride Month Book Club: Picture Books

Sat Jun 29 2019

Here are 5 great picture books to celebrate Pride Month. There are a lot of great picture books, but if I'm going to post this in a timely manner I have to draw the line somewhere. Here are 5 favorites. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday Review: Too Young to Escape by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch and Van Ho

Tue Jun 25 2019

Van Ho woke up one morning to discover that her mother and siblings had left Vietnam in the middle of the night. This is her story of being left behind. Read more »

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Soul Sciences Podcast #2

Mon Jun 24 2019

Lara leads this fascinating discussion about how society views single mothers, how she terms her situation as "a family with two houses" as she offers insight on single parenting and how she handles being a woman who is a mother. View at soulsciences »

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I’m Giving My Kids a 1970s Summer

Thu Jun 20 2019

I’m giving my kids a 1970s summer (minus the serial killers) and it's making me crazy! View at modernparentsmessykids »

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PROFILES: A Conversation with Lara Lillibridge by Dana Mich

Thu Jun 20 2019

We all feel like walking disasters some days—married or single. I hope by sharing some of my experiences, I can make someone else feel seen. View at literarymama »

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TBR Tuesday Picture Book Review: The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

Tue Jun 18 2019

I’m more of a Middle Grade than Picture Book reader, but it has come to my attention recently that I am perhaps not always that great at listening, so after getting multiple recommendations for this book I took it as a sign. Read more »

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Listen to Lara Lillibridge discuss Mama, Mama, Only Mama with Charlene Jones

Mon Jun 17 2019

Listen to Lara Lillibridge discuss Mama, Mama, Only Mama with Charlene Jones on the Soul Sciences podcast View at soulsciences2019 »

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Pride Month Book Club: Graphic Memoir and Graphic Novels

Sat Jun 15 2019

Welcome to Pride Month Book Club the Graphic Memoir/Novel Edition! Here are three graphic memoirs for adult readers, and three books appropriate for all the readers in the household. Read more »

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We Ran the Great Inflatable Race and Lived (Mostly)

Fri Jun 14 2019

My kid and I ran the “Great Inflatable Race” last Saturday and mostly lived to tell about it. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday Review: The Story Web by Megan Frazer Blakemore

Tue Jun 11 2019

It's a haunting, enchanting story of friendship, love, mental illness, PTSD and gossip, of what makes a hero and the power of story--both negative and positive stories. Read more »

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Pride Month Book Club: Young Adult Bookclub

Sat Jun 08 2019

Each week of Pride month I will give your book club a few recommendations in queer categories of my choosing. This week is the Young Adult edition! Read more »

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