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Mama, Mama, Only Mama is hilarious, achingly real, and one of those books that will end up being passed around the carpool line. You’ll crack up, you’ll relate, you’ll wish you could hang out at Lara Lillibridge’s house on Saturday afternoons." ”
—Lisa Daily, bestselling author of  Single-Minded

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TBR Tuesday Review: There's Some Place Like Home: Lessons From a Decade Abroad by Dina Honour

Mon Jan 21 2019

Read my 5-Star review of Dina Honour's hysterical and poignant essay collection, There's Some Place Like Home: Lessons From a Decade Abroad. Read more »

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Fri Jan 18 2019

All the news that's fit to print and should probably be sent in a newsletter sooner or later. Read more »

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Stay at Home Parents Deserve Our Own Sticker Charts

Thu Jan 17 2019

As a Stay At Home Mother, I did the same tasks over and over and never felt as if I accomplished much of anything. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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Review of RADIATION DIARIES by Janet Todd

Tue Jan 15 2019

Radiation Diaries is a memoir written as a diary with daily dated entries detailing Todd’s seven weeks of radiotherapy for pelvic cancers. Read my full review on Mom Egg Review. View at momeggreview »

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TBR Tuesday Review: Single-Minded by Lisa Daily

Tue Jan 08 2019

This week's suggestion for your To Be Read list is SINGLE-MINDED by Lisa Daily, a hysterical romance featuring a divorced protagonist. Read more »

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My Christmas Gift to Myself

Wed Dec 26 2018

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but every year since high school—ok, most years—I’ve done what I call “A Christmas Gift to Myself” every Dec. 26th.   Read more »

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TBR Tuesday: Burn The Stage by Marc Shapiro

Tue Dec 25 2018

I am the mother of a pop music loving 10-year-old. There’re two ways to go about raising a small person who loves all the latest teeny-bopper hits: buy large earmuffs or embrace it. Read more »

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Fly with Toddlers When They Outnumber You

Sun Dec 23 2018

Remember, it’s just one day. It does not define your parenthood. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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TBR Tuesday: Interview with Meghan Scott Molin and Giveaway for THE FRAME UP

Tue Dec 18 2018

In sum, Meghan Scott Molin has given us a tight--dare I say zany--caper peopled with the kind of characters I'd love to hang out with IRL.  If you enjoyed Janet Evanovitch's Stephanie Plum series, you'll love THE FRAME UP. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday: Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by Nathan Burgoine

Tue Dec 11 2018

Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks by Nathan Burgoine is a fun queer rom-com sci-fi novel set in present time Canada.  From Cole, our bullet journal loving protagonist, his ace BFF Alec, and Malik, the hottest guy in school, you will find someone to relate to or fall in love with in this brand-new YA novel. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday: GEORGE by Alex Gino

Tue Dec 04 2018

A middle grade story of a trans girl trying to find her place. Read more »

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Our Mousie Roommate  

Mon Dec 03 2018

We have a mouse, a cat, and a rat terrier. One of those was an unintentional acquisition. Read more »

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