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Mama, Mama, Only Mamais hilarious, achingly real, and one of those books that will end up being passed around the carpool line. You'll crack up, you'll relate, you'll wish you could hang out at Lara Lillibridge's house on Saturday afternoons. ”
—Lisa Daily, bestselling author of Single-Minded

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Interview with M. Randal O'Wain for Hippocampus Magazine

Tue Dec 10 2019

I sat down with M. Randal O'Wain to discuss his new essay collection, part of the University of Nebraska Press's American Lives series, and as a bonus learned how to rip off a copy store. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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To Be Read Tuesday: Cryptozoology for Beginners by Matt Harry, Illus. by Juliane Crump

Tue Nov 26 2019

A fun magical animal rescue mission with diverse characters. Read more »

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Mama, Mama, Only Mama made it to the Best New Parenting eBooks!

Fri Nov 08 2019

As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc – BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment. Read more »

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Review: Homesick, by Jennifer Croft

Fri Oct 25 2019

A quick review of a gorgeous experimental memoir. Read more »

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Side Stepping the Dinner Time Struggle: Dealing with a Stubborn Eater

Fri Oct 18 2019

After years of cooking three separate meals at dinnertime, I had the unreasonable idea that I should just cook one meal and that we could all eat like normal families. View at modernparentsmessykids »

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TBR Tuesday: The Rope Swing by Jonathan Corcoran

Tue Oct 08 2019

A searing story collection about a small town and the people who grew up there. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday: Redwood and Ponytail by KA Holt

Tue Oct 01 2019

This week's recommendation is an upper Middle-Grade novel in verse featuring a cheerleader and a volleyball player. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday: Motherhood So White by Nefertiti Austin

Tue Sep 24 2019

I was lucky to read an advance copy of Motherhood So White on Net Galley, and I've been waiting months for it to finally come to bookstores so I can rave about it.  Read more »

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Happy Bi Visibility Day!

Mon Sep 23 2019

A post on non-mono-sexuality and three books with bisexual characters. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday: A Feminist Giveaway for my Birthday!

Tue Sep 10 2019

Since it's my birthday week, one lucky reader gets a present. Two presents, actually. Read more »

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TBR Tuesday: The End of Something Wonderful: A Practical Guide to a Backyard Funeral by Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic

Tue Sep 03 2019

Kids feel things deeply. We need all the resources we can to help them survive childhood. A new release and a few other resources for kids who have recently lost a pet. Read more »

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Single Moms and Dating: Exactly What to Know by Samantha Vincenty

Sun Sep 01 2019

I was very excited to contribute my thoughts to this article on Oprah Magazine. View at oprahmag »

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