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“Quirky and poignant, Girlish is equal parts jaunty and heartbreaking as Lillibridge turns her keen eye and brilliant prose toward an unconventional childhood and her attempts to navigate the tricky waters and mixed messages about what it means to be female in a family and culture that veer wildly between openness, secrecy, and shame. ”
—Sonja Livingston, author of Ghostbread

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The Art of Deception

Tue Jan 16 2018

There is an art to deception. The way my mouth moves when I mislead someone feels like acting, not lying. I hear my voice as if it is someone else’s—aware of my cadence, my inflection, the way my listeners willingly follow. View at thesunlightpress »

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Writing Through Distractions of the Small Child Variety

Tue Jan 09 2018

Writing for me has always involved coping with distractions of the small child variety. Yet, I earned two college degrees and wrote over one thousand pages while mothering two small creatures over nearly a decade, and I like to think I didn’t do a half-bad job at either endeavor—at least so far. View at thedebutanteball »

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Helping Kids Resist Peer Pressure

Thu Jan 04 2018

f I want to trust him to navigate this world which is filled with both good and sinister people, I better reinforce his standing up for himself on the little things. View at huffingtonpost »

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5 Resolutions for my Debut Year

Tue Jan 02 2018

Exactly what you'd expect from that catchy and suspenseful title. Maybe next week I'll be a little more surprising. View at thedebutanteball »

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My 8 Favorite Books of 2017

Tue Dec 26 2017

I decided to limit myself to eight books, because eight is my lucky number. Besides, many of us have a short attention span and ten books seems to be too many. View at thedebutanteball »

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Two-House Christmas

Mon Dec 25 2017

Sometimes people tell our kids, “I’m sorry your parents are divorced,” or other such sympathetic comments. But not today. View at huffingtonpost »

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A Chanukah Miracle

Sat Dec 23 2017

It turns out that gluing metal to plastic is surprisingly harder than I thought. Read more »

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I Found my Stop on the Fashion Elevator

Tue Dec 19 2017

I had thought I was ready to wear joggers in public. I was horrendously mistaken. Read more »

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Writing Cave Essentials

Tue Dec 19 2017

Learn about the essential elements for a good writing cave, including a helpful feline and essential bathrobe. View at thedebutanteball »

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Book Review of The Missing Girl by Jacqueline Doyle

Fri Dec 15 2017

The Missing Girl is comprised of eight separate stories, each only a few pages long. Told from the point of view of perpetrators, victims, and friends of victims, each chapter is a stand-alone story about a girl who was preyed upon by someone known, or unknown. A haunting collection, its prose is clear and direct, with exquisite tension. View at momeggreview »

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Sorry, Comet, Adults and Children Can’t be Friends

Tue Dec 12 2017

My kids think this whole “not just a teacher but also your friend” thing sounds like a warm and fuzzy idea. I have a differing opinion. View at huffingtonpost »

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Timeline of a Memoir

Tue Dec 05 2017

I have a cold so I’m eschewing complete sentences this week. Instead, I spent an inordinate amount of time on mediocre graphics. View at thedebutanteball »

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