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“Quirky and poignant, Girlish is equal parts jaunty and heartbreaking as Lillibridge turns her keen eye and brilliant prose toward an unconventional childhood and her attempts to navigate the tricky waters and mixed messages about what it means to be female in a family and culture that veer wildly between openness, secrecy, and shame. ”
—Sonja Livingston, author of Ghostbread

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Book Review of The Missing Girl by Jacqueline Doyle

Fri Dec 15 2017

The Missing Girl is comprised of eight separate stories, each only a few pages long. Told from the point of view of perpetrators, victims, and friends of victims, each chapter is a stand-alone story about a girl who was preyed upon by someone known, or unknown. A haunting collection, its prose is clear and direct, with exquisite tension. View at momeggreview »

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Sorry, Comet, Adults and Children Can’t be Friends

Tue Dec 12 2017

My kids think this whole “not just a teacher but also your friend” thing sounds like a warm and fuzzy idea. I have a differing opinion. View at huffingtonpost »

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Timeline of a Memoir

Tue Dec 05 2017

I have a cold so I’m eschewing complete sentences this week. Instead, I spent an inordinate amount of time on mediocre graphics. View at thedebutanteball »

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Interview with MyDomaine: Here's How Talking to Kids About Gender Is Simpler Than It Sounds

Tue Dec 05 2017

To find out how we as parents and educators (and even just as adults) can work toward a future of liberation and respect in both small and big ways every day, we reached out to Lara Lillibridge, the author of upcoming memoir Girlish. View at mydomaine »

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My Love-Hate Relationship With First Drafts

Tue Nov 28 2017

As a writer, we don’t get a lot of positive reinforcement along the way, and that little gray-on-gray page- and word-counter in the lower left corner of my screen gives me a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. View at thedebutanteball »

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The Ethical Dilemma of Finding Desiccated Lizards

Sun Nov 26 2017

Perhaps my desire to transport dehydrated carcasses across state lines is not as much a reflection of my weirdness as it is a reaction to the normality of my ex-husband. Read more »

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My Love of Writing Contests

Thu Nov 16 2017

I kept submitting my essay, but I no longer cared when people rejected it. It wasn’t a reflection on my worth as a writer or as a person. View at thedebutanteball »

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Book Review: RED: A CRAYON'S STORY by Michael Hall

Wed Nov 15 2017

I am completely nuts about RED by Michael Hall, a 40-page picture book about a blue crayon who is mistakenly given a red label at the factory. Read more »

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One Way Divorce Reinforced Feminism in My Family

Tue Nov 14 2017

As a divorced parent I often wonder how my decision to leave our marriage will affect my children’s future views on marriage and relationship stability. But maybe it’s not all bad news View at huffingtonpost »

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I Faced My Fear And Gained...Not Much Worth Noting

Sun Nov 12 2017

I managed to walk across one little rope bridge and then clung to the support beam in utter terror, demanding that the teenaged guide return my children to me before they plummeted to their deaths Read more »

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My Interview with Laurie Jean Cannady, Author of CRAVE

Sat Nov 11 2017

I got to interview one of my writing heroes, Laurie Jean Cannady. View at thedebutanteball »

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The Bio I Wish I Had...Or Do I?

Tue Nov 07 2017

We assume that the road not taken would have been filled with daisies and sweet, ripe, raspberries. Backward glances and nostalgic regrets don’t factor in all the trouble that could have happened View at thedebutanteball »

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