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Mama, Mama, Only Mama is hilarious, achingly real, and one of those books that will end up being passed around the carpool line. You’ll crack up, you’ll relate, you’ll wish you could hang out at Lara Lillibridge’s house on Saturday afternoons." ”
—Lisa Daily, bestselling author of  Single-Minded

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TBR Tuesday Review: Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life By Beverly Brenna

Tue Feb 19 2019

This fun, illustrated middle grade novel features a hamster, a girl, and a family on the rocks. Sapphire the Great and the Meaning of Life was written in consultation with OutSaskatoon, an organization that supports LGBTQ2S+ people of all ages. Read more »

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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Thu Feb 14 2019

Some tips for surviving Valentine’s Day when you are alone or in a less-than-ideal relationship. View at medium »

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TBR Tuesday Review: Burn the Binary by Rikki Wilchins

Tue Feb 12 2019

When I saw BURN THE BINARY on Net Galley I had to request it. The conversation about trans, genderqueer and nonbinary people may feel new, but I wanted to know some historical context. After all, genderqueer people have always been with us, whether society chose to see them or not.  Read more »

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It's Just a Potato Plant, Minding Its Own Business

Mon Feb 11 2019

I  have a potato plant on my bathroom counter.  Read more »

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Tiaras Are Wasted on the Young

Wed Feb 06 2019

I don’t want to be a bride. I just want to wear a tiara. View at only-mama »

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TBR Tuesday Review: I AM YOURS by Reema Zaman

Tue Feb 05 2019

Today's suggestion for your To Be Read pile is I am Yours by Reema Zaman, released today, February 5, 2019. This stunning debut memoir is unlike anything I've read before.  Read more »

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Interview with the Author: Lara Lillibridge

Mon Feb 04 2019

Writer Andrea Fekete interviews Lara Lillibridge View at proudtobewv »

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Excerpt: Read my Introduction to FEMININE RISING

Wed Jan 30 2019

Read my introduction to Feminine Rising: Voices of Power and Invisibility Read more »

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TBR Tuesday Review: Dragon Pearl by Noon Ha Lee

Tue Jan 29 2019

This YA/MG book is diverse and inclusive. Women and men are equally represented in positions of authority (guards, ship captains) and it has nonbinary characters! Strongly influenced by Korean folklore, this story is both old and new at once. Read more »

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The Ripple Effect of the Shutdown on Single Parents

Fri Jan 25 2019

How many of the 800,000 federal workers are divorced and have children? View at medium »

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Cleveland Author On Growing Up In A Lesbian Home

Wed Jan 23 2019

Review and information on upcoming Meet the Author event View at lakewoodobserver »

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Breaking the Taboo: Writing When Your Kids Are Old Enough to Read

Wed Jan 23 2019

“The internet goes dark when children reach ten or twelve,” my workshop leader explained. That's almost exactly the ages my kids are now. View at movingforewords »

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