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“Quirky and poignant, Girlish is equal parts jaunty and heartbreaking as Lillibridge turns her keen eye and brilliant prose toward an unconventional childhood and her attempts to navigate the tricky waters and mixed messages about what it means to be female in a family and culture that veer wildly between openness, secrecy, and shame. ”
—Sonja Livingston, author of Ghostbread

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Effortlessly Casual

Tue Jul 25 2017

Some days looking effortlessly casual is a lot of work.   Read more »

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Interview with Erin Judge, Author of “Vow of Celibacy”

Mon Jul 24 2017

I primarily read memoir, so it took me a minute to realize that Natalie wasn’t a real person. I want to go hang out with her and drink wine, eat chocolate, talk all night. I still can’t believe she isn’t out there somewhere, designing clothes and just waiting to be my best friend. View at huffingtonpost »

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Book Review: Tilting by Nicole Harkin

Mon Jul 17 2017

It’s hard to be a kid. It’s hard to figure out where to stand or what to do when the world is constantly shifting under your feet.   Read more »

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Manuscript Consultation

Sun Jul 16 2017

Do you have a memoir or essay collection in progress that could use a little help? I am now offering manuscript consultation services at reasonable rates. Read more »

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People To Stab Today

Fri Jul 14 2017

I’m generally a nice person. It’s as if I save up my savage homicidal tendencies all month and they only spew out when I’m hormonal. Read more »

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Failing at Cat Motivation

Wed Jul 12 2017

I'm no better at getting my cat to do his job than I am in getting my children to do their chores. Read more »

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I Don't Get a Break From My Kids

Tue Jul 11 2017

I don’t really enjoy my kids being gone, particularly on ten-day vacations, like they are this week. Read more »

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An Atheist Talks to Her Children About Death

Sun Jul 09 2017

Once I had kids of my own, I struggled with what to teach them about God. View at crabfatmagazine »

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4th of July as a Single Parent

Tue Jul 04 2017

We were supposed to alternate holidays every year, but I had a strategy of being agreeable. When my ex asked to have them on the 4th of July two years in a row, I said yes, because I knew I would want a favor in return one day. View at huffingtonpost »

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I Love My Broken-Eyed Son

Mon Jul 03 2017

Who knew that a baseball to the mouth could cause a concussion? Read more »

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Book Review: QueerSpawn in Love by Kellen Anne Kaiser

Sun Jul 02 2017

Even though we are both queerspawn, Kaiser’s family makes my parents look like amateurs. View at huffingtonpost »

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On Cleaning: Oh, Mom, I Get It Now

Tue Jun 20 2017

I understand why my mother gave up. Read more »

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