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Language Advisory

Fri Jul 28 2017

This post contains profanity, because it is about profanity and it was therefore unavoidable. Please note: some words we use in a profane manner actually have innocent uses as well, so I refrained from bleeping them. Read more »

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People To Stab Today

Fri Jul 14 2017

I’m generally a nice person. It’s as if I save up my savage homicidal tendencies all month and they only spew out when I’m hormonal. Read more »

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Freudian Lawn Job

Mon May 29 2017

I feel like there is a great metaphor in here somewhere—a reason for my purely accidental yet consistent egregious behavior. Read more »

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Rite This Injustis!

Sat Apr 29 2017

My youngest son has objected to spelling since he was first introduced to the concept. It wasn’t the work of memorization that irked him, but rather the nonsensical ways that words were spelled. Read more »

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Ruminations on My First Love, Now Outgrown

Tue Apr 25 2017

When the phone rings, my first instinct is to hit it with something, or throw it. I feel assaulted. No, that’s too strong of a word, but certainly invaded. Read more »

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Has My Son Been Replaced with a Pod Creature?

Sun Jan 15 2017

A sleep story in pictures Read more »

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When it Comes to Blood-Sucking Parasites, I’ll Take all the Hope I can Get

Fri Jan 06 2017

I tend to think I am an intelligent person who does not fall easy prey to snake oil sales pitches, but when it comes to lice, all rational thought goes out the window Read more »

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New Year's Eve Shoes

Sat Dec 31 2016

This becomes a New Year’s Eve post if you make it to the end. Read more »

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When is Belief in Santa Inappropriate?

Mon Dec 26 2016

My eleven-year-old still believes in Santa. Yes, he really believes, he doesn’t just pretend to believe to keep Christmas magical for his little brother or because he is afraid of disappointing me. Read more »

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The Aggressive Deployment of Kale

Thu Dec 01 2016

It’s like all the nutrition experts in the country went out drinking and decided to promote kale this year because they really don’t like people very much. View at blogher »

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It's Not About Winning-it's Just My Turn

Thu Nov 24 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, and if you are a single parent, remember you get to make the rules, and you no longer have to be nice to your ex-in-laws unless you want to. Read more »

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