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Boys Are Useful In Unexpected Ways (and I have a water feature)

Fri Aug 16 2013

Sometimes kids are handy to have around. I don't mean because they fill your heart with joy or keep you young, or teach you patience. Sometimes they are down right useful. View at only-mama »

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Law of Natural Consequences

Sun Apr 14 2013

My oldest child is a dream today. He has taken his little brother to the bathroom, offered to make me coffee, offered to fold laundry, and made his own breakfast. No, it's not Mother's Day, that little bugger wants something and we both know what it is - the most wonderful, perfect glass and liquid construction called a Hand Boiler. Oh My God, he just refilled his own cup of milk. View at only-mama »

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The Tiger's Last Gleaming

Mon Mar 04 2013

Tiny Pants has fallen in love with America. He declares every day is "America Day" and sings the National Anthem with his small hand over his heart. View at only-mama »

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Defying the Manifesto

Wed Feb 06 2013

As a child I made mental notes of all the ways I thought my parents or teachers were screwing up and vowed never to do those things when I got to reign superior over children of my own. As an adult, I have gained an understanding about a lot of things my mother did or didn't do, and nothing has made me understand her more than having my own kids. View at only-mama »

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The Tooth Fairy Fell Asleep

Sat Jan 19 2013

Yesterday Big Pants lost his 3rd tooth. I didn't see it happen (I was in the bathroom) but it involved couch wrestling and a blanket and his brother and then the tooth was out. View at only-mama »

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