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Grieving the Loss of a Pet Thu Sep 24 2015
As some of you know, my ex-husband’s dog died recently. The boys are emotional messes. view at only-mama
#Grief #parenting #Loss of Pet
Failing at Cat Motivation Wed Jul 12 2017
I'm no better at getting my cat to do his job than I am in getting my children to do their chores. read this article
#Cats #humor #MouseRemoval #motivation
People To Stab Today Fri Jul 14 2017
I’m generally a nice person. It’s as if I save up my savage homicidal tendencies all month and they only spew out when I’m hormonal. read this article
#PMS #Humor #pencils
Watching boys start fires. Mon Aug 13 2018
Essay published in Whiskey Island Magazine Vol. 70 read this article
#WhiskeyIsland #Essays #Feminism
Ruminations on My First Love, Now Outgrown Tue Apr 25 2017
When the phone rings, my first instinct is to hit it with something, or throw it. I feel assaulted. No, that’s too strong of a word, but certainly invaded. read this article
#phone #technology #70sChildhood #humor

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