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Parenting Styles: How 10 (or even 5) Minutes of Yoga Made Me a Better Mother Wed Mar 14 2018
I’ve been told by many people that I should learn to meditate. I’m quite sure that meditation would release some of the tension in my shoulders and probably relax some of the wrinkles around my eyes, but that sitting still and emptying your mind thing is not one of my strong suits. view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #Yoga
Why Can’t The Kids Sleep In Their Clothes? Mon Apr 16 2018
I see no reason why I can’t bask in the care-free freedom that dressing my children at night affords me, at least until they hit puberty and get stinky. view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #Sleep
My Son is Starting High School as a 12-Year-Old and I’m Not Scared at All Mon Jul 02 2018
OK, maybe I’m a little scared, I can’t lie. But overall, I’m a lot more comfortable with the idea than I ever imagined I would be. view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #GradeSkipping #GiftedKids
7 Tips to Teach Kids About Gender Equality Sun Oct 21 2018
I’m historically awkward when it comes to large and important discussions on character development. view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #GenderEquality
How I became a Hockey Mom against my Better Judgement Thu May 24 2018
I hadn’t intended on becoming a hockey mother. view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #Hockey #OnlyMama
Should You Send Your Ex A Father’s Day Card? Tue Jun 05 2018
Kids aren’t the only people to give Fathers cards. Wives give them to their husbands, too. In perusing Father’s Day cards, I found several themes that I could relate to… view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #Father'sDay #OnlyMama
Parenting Styles: Have I Overdone the Internet Safety Lectures? Mon Aug 27 2018
We have all read the horrific stories of cyber-bullying, and it would destroy me to watch either of my kids being harassed online, or in real life for that matter. We talk about internet safety often—perhaps too much, it turned out. view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #InternetSafety
7 Things Your Kids Say You’re Getting Wrong About YouTube Tue Sep 25 2018
My kids rarely watch TV. They get their entertainment from YouTube, and they aren’t the only ones. Dubbed The YouTube Generation, one estimate puts them in league with over one hundred trillion other young people who feel the same way. view at modernparentsmessykids
#ModernParentsMessyKids #YourTube
My Biggest Birthday Party Success Was Also My Biggest Failure Fri Nov 30 2018
This was going to be the best birthday ever. Turns out, one should never even think those words. view at modernparentsmessykids
#modernParentsMessyKids #BirthdayFail

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