We Need Uniforms

My nine-year-old wrote this for a school assignment. I died.

(School names have been changed.)

We Need Uniforms

Horace School, and Warren Middle School have no uniforms. I’m new to Horace School, but my old school, Edison Academy, you may have seen it on Fox 8 News, because it was recently shot, and that’s exactly why I don’t go there anymore, but back on topic. My old school had uniforms, Horace does not. I think that it makes schools looks more professional, the teachers all were uniforms why don't the students? Which is exactly why I’ll protest by wearing uniforms to school.

If you walked into a class in my old school when class was in session, it would look like there were a bunch of vertically challenged C.I.A. agents were in the room. Which is why I think we should have uniforms. At my old school we had to wear a dress shirt and dress pants/shorts. We could only wear what we want when we had Gym or on Fridays. So I say, “We the people of the United States, in order to form a better school, have better focus, we need uniforms.” “When I say una you say forms.” “Una, Una, Una.”

WE NEED UNIFORMS! Yay you heard me, I said we need uniforms. I will be wearing uniforms to try and get other people to wear them too. If my plan does work it will feel like good ol’ Edison. The only bad thing about Edison was I had 3 friends. But here I have lots of friends, so if we all wear uniforms it will be like another chance at Edison.

In conclusion I think we should wear uniforms because they look professional, they give you better concentration, and they give you a good look.



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