Instead of Wings




Instead of Wings

I'll take a minivan or 4x4 SUV to 

conquer all the muddy roads and icy peaks

Got too many places to go, and too many people to carry:

two young boys, a stubborn man,

 a recalcitrant cat and an old stinky dog.


Instead of wings 

I'll wear my black leather knee high boots

the platform ones with the spike heels

I've never been an angel

never wanted to be 

got too many dances pent up in my bones

 to fly serene right now

got too many sexy walks and

smoky voiced conversations still to have 

before I'll be content to fly.


Instead of wings

I'll fly second seat in my lover's 

turbine jet helicopter

I'll dial in the altimeter

pour the coffee 

watch the gauges and 

the ground moving under my feet


I don't have time for wings,

lovely as they are

I have too much to carry

too much to do 



you can keep them for now

I'm not used up yet down here.




October 2010


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