Book Release Announced!

Someone on Facebook told me they preordered my book, and I laughed to myself about how it was my first polite supportive lie, because my book was not available for preorder. Just to be sure, I checked on Amazon, and it turned out she was right--my book was available for preorder! I apologized for doubting her. 

SkyHorse Publishing did a nice job with the description I think, and I finally made my author's page on Amazon like I was suposed to months ago.  Check it out, even if you aren't interested in pre-ordering, because it's the biggest thing that's happened in my writing world so far!

Preorder Girlish here

I'm pleased with the final cover. We went through 3 renditions before we settled on this one. My brother asked if I was sure it was me and not him, but he wore glasses so I am completely sure. My original idea was an androgynous picture coupled with a girly background, and after several more abstract/arty attempts, that was what we settled on, after I had business cards printed with the first cover, of course. But that's OK, because I like this one better anyway. 

My writing partner came up with the title for me, which is another reason why writers need writing partners. 






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