Audre Lorde Goes With Everything

If you aren't familiar with Audre Lorde, she is one of my heroes. She was a Black Lesbian Feminist Mother Civil Rights Activist Poet, and she was even more than that. She was someone who died before I started writing,  but whose writing touched me and made me see the world and my place in it differently.  Audre Lorde's writing helped me to be brave enough to publish my own words. 

This month, the final revisions of my memoir are due to my editor, and since it is easier to be brave during the day than it is in the middle of the night, I have been struggling with anxiety, in the way one struggles with a toothache. It's not really a struggle--you just lie there and wishes it would go away, but instead it just gets better or worse by degree but never really vanishes. 

This is where having heroes comes in handy.  We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us--writers who were wrote their truth and lived through the experience. And reading Audre Lorde is a more effective solution for my anxiety than any Rx I have tried. 

There is a website, called SnappyGoat that is a searchable database of free images, and every day they have a random search of the day, and also a meme maker that has a search for quotes if you can't think of your own. I started challenging myself to pair an Audre Lorde quote with the search of the day, and so far, it seems that Audre Lorde goes with everything. 



Napa Valley:

And even Barrels:


We all need more Audre Lorde. I'm just trying to spread the love in my own wonky way.

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