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My Christmas Gift to Myself Wed Dec 26 2018
I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but every year since high school—ok, most years—I’ve done what I call “A Christmas Gift to Myself” every Dec. 26th.   read this article
#Self-care #EmbraceTheWritingLife
I Remember/I Don't Remember: First Kiss Wed Sep 05 2018
Writing Prompt from Abigail Thomas: 4 lines that start "I don't remember," followed by 4 lines starting "I remember." read this article
#WritingPromptWednesday #FirstKiss #embracethewritinglife
Instead of Wings Wed Sep 12 2018
This week's prompt comes from Mary Carroll-Hackett. Instead of wings... read this article
#WritingPromptWednesday #InsteadofWings #embracethewritinglife
This is a Lie I've Told Before Thu Sep 20 2018
It's Writing Prompt Wednesday! Prompt from Abigail Thomas read this article
#WritingPromptWednesday #ThisIsaLie #embracethewritinglife
TBR Tuesdays Interview with Athena Dixon, Author of NO GOD IN THIS ROOM Tue Oct 02 2018
I’m pleased to introduce you to Athena Dixon, writer, editor, and all around wonderful human.  Her poetry chapbook NO GOD IN THIS ROOM is just out with Argus House Press. read this article
#TBRTuesdays #AuthorInterview #AthenaDixon #Poetry #HippoCamp #EmbraceTheWritingLife
TBR Tuesdays Interview with Krystal Sital, author of SECRETS WE KEPT Tue Sep 25 2018
From the moment I picked up Secrets We Kept: Three Women of Trinidad, I was enthralled with the beauty of Sital's prose. The narrative is gripping, but the art  with which she strings words together is simply gorgegous. I'm pleased to introduce you to her book, and to Krystal herself through this virtual interview.   read this article
#TBRTuesdays #AuthorInterview #KrystalSital #Memoir #HippoCamp #EmbraceTheWritingLife

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