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I write.

Sometimes I even like how it turns out.

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New Manuscript Named as Finalist in Non/Fiction Prize

Mon Jul 31 2023

Ridiculously pleased that my new manuscript was named as a finalist! Read more »

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1455 StoryFest—Writing About That Which We Dare Not Speak

Tue Jul 25 2023

My presentation for 1455 StoryFest 2023 View at be »

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Book Review: Kneel Said the Night by Margo Berdeshevsky

Mon Dec 19 2022

Here, the females are not helpless, not in need of a woodsman’s rescue or a cautionary moral, rather they exalt in their naked skin and power View at merliterary »

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Book Review: Love is Make-Believe by Riham Adly

Sat Jul 30 2022

I personally love story collections in the summer—the small bits fit nicely into a busy schedule and the time away from the book allows the words to linger, as I roll them over in my mind. I had heard about Riham Adly’s flash fiction collection, Love is Make-Believe, and jumped at the chance to review it. View at merliterary »

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INTERVIEW: Stephen J. West, Author of Soft-Boiled: An Investigation of Masculinity and The Writer’s Life

Fri Jul 08 2022

Interview with author Stephen J. West for Hippocampus Magazine. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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Book Review: XO by Sara Rauch

Tue Jun 21 2022

The story of a bisexual woman’s search for love is not a common one, particularly those of us who are “straight-passing,” that is, in a long term relationship with a male partner. View at merliterary »

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INTERVIEW: Lizz Schumer, Author of Biography of a Body

Mon Jun 06 2022

I was drawn to lyrical, fragmented form of Lizz Schumer’s Biography of a Body and I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of thoughts on writing interspersed throughout the book. Schumer tackles themes such as religion, disordered eating, sexuality, and the complexity of inhabiting a female body. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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INTERVIEW: Claudia Putnam, Winner of Split/Lip’s Creative Nonfiction Chapbook Contest

Thu Apr 07 2022

Double Negative by Claudia Putnam is the winner of Split/Lip’s 2021 Nonfiction/Hybrid Chapbook Contest. An intense, lyrical essay just under 50 pages, Putnam’s writing is gorgeously wrought. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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Interview with Brian Broome, Winner of the 2021 Kirkus Prize

Mon Nov 15 2021

I sat down with Brian Broome, author of "Punch Me Up to the Gods," over zoom, and he is simply delightful. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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Review of Lost Girls by Ellen Birkett Morris for Mom Egg Review

Fri Nov 12 2021

The seventeen short stories, each between 3-16 pages long, are brief enough to read on a lunch break or during nap time, yet long enough to be rife with tension and often contain a haunting, mournful quality. View at momeggreview »

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TBR Tuesday: Aerovoyant by PL Tavormina

Tue Nov 09 2021

Read my 5-Star Review of Aerovoyant, a post-apocalyptic novel set on a different planet, filled with political intrigue, an impossible mission, and a hint of romance. Read more »

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