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I write.

Sometimes I even like how it turns out.

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Upcoming Events

Sat Dec 23 2023

A list of my events for 2024 Read more »

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Virtual AWP: Writer to Writer Conversations & Readings with Mentor Lara Lillibridge

Tue Nov 14 2023

A few of my former mentees and I discussed writing while queer. View at youtu »

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Book Review of FLOPPY by Alyssa Graybeal

Sat Oct 14 2023

Don’t just read Floppy for the story—read it for the writing. Winner of the 2020 Red Hen Nonfiction Award, Graybeal’s book can be funny and poignant, her voice clear and unusual. View at riverteethjournal »

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New Manuscript Named as Finalist in Non/Fiction Prize

Mon Jul 31 2023

Ridiculously pleased that my new manuscript was named as a finalist! Read more »

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1455 StoryFest—Writing About That Which We Dare Not Speak

Tue Jul 25 2023

My presentation for 1455 StoryFest 2023 View at be »

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Book Review: Kneel Said the Night by Margo Berdeshevsky

Mon Dec 19 2022

Here, the females are not helpless, not in need of a woodsman’s rescue or a cautionary moral, rather they exalt in their naked skin and power View at merliterary »

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Book Review: Love is Make-Believe by Riham Adly

Sat Jul 30 2022

I personally love story collections in the summer—the small bits fit nicely into a busy schedule and the time away from the book allows the words to linger, as I roll them over in my mind. I had heard about Riham Adly’s flash fiction collection, Love is Make-Believe, and jumped at the chance to review it. View at merliterary »

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INTERVIEW: Stephen J. West, Author of Soft-Boiled: An Investigation of Masculinity and The Writer’s Life

Fri Jul 08 2022

Interview with author Stephen J. West for Hippocampus Magazine. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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Book Review: XO by Sara Rauch

Tue Jun 21 2022

The story of a bisexual woman’s search for love is not a common one, particularly those of us who are “straight-passing,” that is, in a long term relationship with a male partner. View at merliterary »

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INTERVIEW: Lizz Schumer, Author of Biography of a Body

Mon Jun 06 2022

I was drawn to lyrical, fragmented form of Lizz Schumer’s Biography of a Body and I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of thoughts on writing interspersed throughout the book. Schumer tackles themes such as religion, disordered eating, sexuality, and the complexity of inhabiting a female body. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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INTERVIEW: Claudia Putnam, Winner of Split/Lip’s Creative Nonfiction Chapbook Contest

Thu Apr 07 2022

Double Negative by Claudia Putnam is the winner of Split/Lip’s 2021 Nonfiction/Hybrid Chapbook Contest. An intense, lyrical essay just under 50 pages, Putnam’s writing is gorgeously wrought. View at hippocampusmagazine »

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