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On Microagressions: Did You Ever Think You Were a Lesbian Like Your Mom? Sun Apr 08 2018
Starting in high school, I’ve been asked variations on this question my whole life — mostly by men. I do understand people’s natural curiosity, but there are so many problems with this question that I have to write a whole post about it. view at medium
#QueerSpawn #LesbianLikeYourMother #LGBTQIA #QueerParenting
MS. MAGAZINE: Representation Matters—Even When It’s Not of Happy Families Wed Aug 22 2018
Sometimes, the thing society most objects to about your family isn’t what’s “wrong” with it. view at msmagazine
#MsMagazine #QueerSpawn #Representation #LGBTQIA #Girlish
BOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY for My Mother Says Drums Are For Boys Tue Sep 04 2018
Welcome to TBR Tuesdays, where I suggest books to add to your To Be Read pile. This week's selection is: My Mother Says Drums Are For Boys: True Stories for Gender Rebels by Rae Theodore. read this article
#TBRTuesdays #BookReview #RaeTheodore #Giveaway #Rafflecopter #LGBTQIA #ButchPride

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