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Book Review of GIRLISH by K.J. Harrowick Tue Mar 27 2018
I may have never looked twice at her book as memoir is not really my thing, but I adore Lara. The more I kept seeing blurbs of her book everywhere, the more I wanted to read it. view at blog
#Girlish #Review
Growing Up with Lesbian Parents Mon Feb 26 2018
Everyone always wants to know what it was like to grow up with lesbian parents. On the one hand, it probably wasn’t much different than growing up with heterosexual parents. view at mommyinlosangeles
#Girlish #QueerSpawn #MommyInLA
Review of Girlish by Slippery Elm Literary Journal Sat Sep 08 2018
Reviewed by Milena Velez view at findlay
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THE ADVOCATE: On the Queer Women Who Raised Me Sat Apr 07 2018
Read an excerpt from Girlish in The Advocate. view at advocate
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WXXI Interview Mon May 28 2018
WATCH: Author Lara Lillibridge on NEED TO KNOW with Hélène Biandudi Hofer view at wxxinews
#Girlish #Interview #WXXI
Girlish Review on Mom Egg Review Mon Jul 23 2018
Review by Lisa C. Taylor view at momeggreview
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Listen to my Appearance on the Family Equality Council's Outspoken Voices Podcast Wed Oct 03 2018
LGBTQ individuals and families are beautiful, kind, complex, and can experience trauma, just like any family. What is unique to LGBTQ families is the added layer of stigma and fear of discrimination. What happens if we seek help and acknowledge that we aren't perfect? view at outspokenvoicespodcast
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Announcement: Girlish is a Finalist for Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Wed Mar 13 2019
In which twitter teaches me to check my inbox. read this article
#Girlish #ForewordReviews
A Queer-Spawn Tale Tue Apr 30 2019
Interview by Ken Schneck for PRIZM, Ohio’s LGBTQ community magazine. view at prizmnews
#Girlish #Prizm
Book Release Announced! Mon Apr 17 2017
Preorder Information and link read this article
#bookRelease #Girlish
The Edit Letter and Other Obsessions Tue Feb 27 2018
I spent months dreading my edit letter. One thing I excel at in particular is imagining the worst possible outcome in any situation, and then obsessing over it at two in the morning. view at thedebutanteball
#WritingTips #Girlish #Anxiety
SALON: Growing up in a Lesbian Home Mon Apr 02 2018
Read a few "Notes from the 4th Wall" from Girlish view at salon
#Salon #Girlish #Excerpt
WASHINGTON POST: Why we need to break the silence around domestic violence in LGBTQ families Tue May 08 2018
There were so few visible lesbian families that I knew that confessing my family problems would reflect negatively on the whole queer community, people who were constantly struggling to be seen as equal to their heterosexual counterparts. view at washingtonpost
#BreakingTheSilence #Girlish #WashingtonPost #LGBTQ
It Is Now Safe to Exit the Ride Tue Aug 28 2018
A roller coaster may be a tired metaphor for a book release, but I’m standing by it. It’s my last post on the Ball, and tired is an adequate description of my present state as well. view at thedebutanteball
#DebutanteBall #Girlish #FinalThoughts #RollerCoaster
Foreword Reviews on Girlish Fri Mar 23 2018
Stark, moving, and filled with rays of light, Lara Lillibridge’s memoir of growing up straight in a dysfunctional lesbian home takes readers far beyond names and labels into the heart of what it means to be “family.” view at forewordreviews
#ForewordReviews #Girlish #Review
Cleveland Author On Growing Up In A Lesbian Home Wed Jan 23 2019
Review and information on upcoming Meet the Author event view at lakewoodobserver
#LAkewoodObserver #GIrlish #LibraryAppearance
EMPTY CLOSET: Girlish – Growing Up in a Lesbian Home | Interview with Lara Lillibridge Tue May 15 2018
The Empty Closet had a chance to chat with Lillibridge before her April release. (Author's Note: I never said house maid. I said house mate but it was over the phone.) view at gayalliance
#EmptyCloset #Interview #Girlish
Author's Hour Reading at Chautauqua Institution Wed Aug 25 2021
A reading from Girlish and Mama, Mama, Only Mama view at youtube
#Reading #parenting #Chautauqua #Girlish #OnlyMama
Interview with the Author: Lara Lillibridge on NRR: IdeaStream Thu Apr 05 2018
Interview by Mike McIntyre on IdeaStream April 5, 2018. Interview begins at 34:40 view at ideastream
#Interview #IdeaStream #WVIZ #Girlish
MS. MAGAZINE: Representation Matters—Even When It’s Not of Happy Families Wed Aug 22 2018
Sometimes, the thing society most objects to about your family isn’t what’s “wrong” with it. view at msmagazine
#MsMagazine #QueerSpawn #Representation #LGBTQIA #Girlish

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