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Are You Prettier Than Your Mother? Thu Sep 12 2013
I looked over my shoulder as I was getting in the shower and saw my naked back. I paused for a moment to really look and see what aging is doing to me. The mirror reflected back a younger version of my mother’s bottom. view at brainchildmag
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I Used to Believe, Now I Know Tue Sep 17 2013
I used to believe that my mother was complicit in everything that went wrong in my life. view at thefeministwire
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On Mothering Multiples, Kathy Manta, Ed. Mon Aug 29 2016
As mother of two singletons, I read On Mothering Multiples not in appreciation of a common experience, but to better understand the lives of women who birth multiple children at concurrent ages. view at momeggreview
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Know the Mother by Desiree Cooper Wed Jul 13 2016
There is no better time for flash fiction than the summer. In between corralling children to sporting events, the beach, and various summer destinations, flash or micro fiction gives a respite, like a lick of ice cream. It is easier to deal with repetitive, “Mama, look at me!” requests when one is still pondering the after-glow of a good story, and each piece’s short duration (1-9 pages each) allows Know the Mother to slide easily into a busy schedule. view at momeggreview
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Mama, Look at Me Mon Jan 16 2017
My body is there with my children, but my mind is full of my own things: who needs to be where, when, and what needs to happen in order for that to occur, what I can cook for dinner that everyone will eat without complaining, a half-thought I want to remember to write down and expand into an essay. I look at him but don’t watch him closely. read this article
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Observations on Aging Fri Apr 21 2017
The lessons we carry forward from childhood aren’t from the big discussions, but rather emerge from watching who are parents are in their day-to-day life. read this article
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Being Raised by Lesbians Fri Nov 15 2013
The story everyone wants to hear isn’t the story I want to tell. Everyone wants to know what it was like to be raised by lesbians, how we functioned, what made it different. I want to talk about other things, the things that formed me and shaped me and scarred me. Not my mother’s sexuality. view at brainchildmag
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