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Straightland, a Family Emigration Story

Tue Dec 20 2016

Leaving Straightland was easy, we just had to walk through the closet door. View at huffingtonpost »

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How I Obtained an Elf on the Shelf Against my Will

Fri Dec 09 2016

How can I threaten to call Santa to report on the children's misdeeds if Santa already has a spy embedded in our household? It’s an abdication of authority. The Santa threat is very important to my parental strategy this time of year. View at huffingtonpost »

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Generation Gap: Normalizing Alternative Families

Tue Nov 29 2016

I made my mother a ninja whether she wanted to be a ninja or not because it's my blog and I can make people ninjas if I want to. View at huffingtonpost »

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In Which a Non-Sports Fan Watches the World Series and Likes It

Thu Nov 03 2016

I’m not a sports person, though I am a sports mom. I spend multiple days a week watching my kids play hockey or baseball, depending on the season. But I don’t actually like sports. View at huffingtonpost »

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The Painful Birth of My Website Which Has Not Actually Been Born Yet

Fri Oct 28 2016

I tried to make my own website. “You’re so lucky that your SigO is a programmer! I bet you have a great website!” someone said to me recently. “Not so much. He feels like I should be able to do it all on my own,” I answered. View at huffingtonpost »

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Elephant Skin, Grinning Corpse Face, and Fighting Gravity

Mon Sep 05 2016

Let me just come out and say that I will be 43 this weekend. I’m not soliciting gifts or cake, I just want you to understand that when I say that the skin between my eyes is starting to resemble an elephant’s knee, I’m not exaggerating. View at huffingtonpost »

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I Clean the Fridge and Ruminate About Marriage

Fri Aug 26 2016

I cleaned out the refrigerator today. I mean like I took everything out and washed the shelves kind of clean. If you know anything about me, you would know this is not a common occurrence. View at huffingtonpost »

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Sometimes You Are Not a Victim - You Are an Asshole

Wed Dec 31 2014

I have, for a lot of my life, suffered from a victim complex — you know the one, where everything in your life is someone else’s fault. It is only now, a good six years after my second divorce that I am starting to see how I was no treat to live with. View at huffingtonpost »

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On Feminism: But I Like Being a Girl

Tue Dec 23 2014

I sent my half-sister a link to my Feminist Mama Manifesto, which I posted a few weeks ago and her response was, “I’m proud of you, but I like being a girl.” View at huffingtonpost »

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Feminist Mama Manifesto

Thu Oct 02 2014

I wanted to be a prostitute for Halloween. My mother wouldn’t let me. I wanted to be a cheerleader. My mother wouldn’t let me. My mother only allowed gender neutral toys to cross my path until I wrapped up a bag of kitty litter in my blanket and rocked to it and sang it lullabies. Then she gave in. View at huffingtonpost »

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Growing Up Straight in the Gay World

Tue May 13 2014

I grew up a straight girl in a gay world, the opposite of what most gay people experience, but with the same problems of lack of place. View at huffingtonpost »

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What If We Treated Marriage More Like the Contract It Is?

Wed Nov 27 2013

Is marriage essentially flawed, or am I? View at huffingtonpost »

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