Has My Son Been Replaced with a Pod Creature?


Last night something amazing happened.  My eight-year-old had a nose bleed at one in the morning. That’s actually not amazing, that’s just irritating. The amazing part is what he did about it.


He walked downstairs to my room.

Opened the door.

Saw I was asleep.

And went back upstairs without waking me up.


This means either he has matured to the magical age of independence, or he was secretly abducted by the pod people and replaced with a pod-child and I didn’t notice.

For those who have forgotten what sleeping with young children is like, here is a visual, created in in 2010:


So if he has indeed been replaced by a pod-child, but a pod-child that respects my need for sleep, I think I’m OK with that.  Pods need love, too. Plus, they may eat less than eight-year-old boys. They certainly can’t eat more.



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